How to Vote: A Helpful Flowchart

10 Responses to “How to Vote: A Helpful Flowchart”

  1. Surely I can hate Jeremy Clarkson and still vote Lib Dem? (Actually, I can’t vote. And actually, he’s the funniest Brit on TV.)

  2. telescoper Says:

    Andrew: I don’t think voting LibDem will annoy Clarkson anything like as much as voting Green (which is, after all, the whole point of the election).

    Phil: It is, but I don’t know. Some kind of tree?

  3. Will Grainger Says:

    The third symbol from the top is a representation of Boris Johnson’s hair.

  4. The Conservatives logo is that of an oak tree. This logo seems to be the UK/English part so has a ‘traditional English oak’ tree. Their ‘Welsh’ wing of the Conservative party has a ‘traditional Welsh oak’ tree. Same thing for Scotland.

    See following links, in order Scottish, Welsh, English/UK:

  5. It missed out:

    Do you hate the Scottish? => English Democrats.

  6. Nick Cross Says:

    Or do you hate the English – Scottish Nationalists

  7. telescoper Says:

    Somewhat controversially these days I don’t agree with Nick.

    If you live where I live and hate the English, you vote Plaid Cymru.

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  10. Plaid Cymru seem to have become a modern ‘Old Labour’.

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