Balls in Cardiff

I’ve been offline for a couple of days owing to being back at the old place in Cardiff, and consequently without internet connection. I could have used my phone, of course, as I’m doing now, but the 3G coverage in Wales is very poor so I find it frustrating to blog on my Blackberry.

Anyway, I came back to Cardiff to take care of a few loose ends and also to attend the annual Chaos Ball on Friday evening, which is run by the staff-student society in the School of Physics & Astronomy. It was a pleasant experience to see former colleagues and students again, so thanks to the organisers for finding tickets for me and my guest at the last minute!

Yesterday it was a different ball that took centre stage, as this year’s Six Nations rugby came to a dramatic conclusion with Wales’ comprehensive and well-deserved victory over England in Cardiff. I didn’t go to the game, but did watch it in a local pub. There’s a very special buzz in Cardiff on such occasions, and I was glad to experience it one more time, despite being an Englishman..

Now I have to get my act together and head back to Brighton. I wonder what sort of balls the British railway system will serve up?

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