Fascist Lookalikes No. 357


Have you noticed to remarkable similarity in behaviour between representatives of the Nazi Party elected to the Reichstag in 1930* and representatives of the Brexit Party Money-Laundering Company in the European Parliament in Strasbourg?

I wonder if, by any chance, they might be related?

*In an earlier version of this post I used 1926 (the date given by the stock photo supplier Alamy) but this is incorrecr; the right date is 1930.

One Response to “Fascist Lookalikes No. 357”

  1. telescoper Says:

    I doubt these Brexit Party twerps care about the damage their behaviour is doing to Britain’s reputation. The face of Britain is now a load of old arses.

    Incidentally, Beethoven’s Choral Symphony was commissioned by the Philharmonic Society of London.

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