The Royal Society really needs to work on its history of the telescope

An important corrective to frequently repeated fallacies about the history of telescopes in astronomy. The Royal Society really shouldn’t be making mistakes like this!

The Renaissance Mathematicus

One would think that the Royal Society being one of the eldest, but not the eldest as they like to claim, scientific societies in Europe when presenting themselves as purveyors of the history of science, would take the trouble to get their facts right. If, however, one thought this, one would be wrong. Last week on the Internet the Royal Society was pushing a slide show, under their own name, on Google Arts and Culture on the history of the telescope in astronomy that in terms of historical accuracy is less than one, as a historian of science, nay of the telescope, might hope or indeed wish for.

The slide show in question is titled, Silent Harmony: astronomy at the Royal Society: Discover how innovation in telescopes and other optical instruments changed the way we see the universe. Following the title slide we have another general blurb slideā€¦

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2 Responses to “The Royal Society really needs to work on its history of the telescope”

  1. Science has made worse mistakes than this. See to see the amazing universe that science has overlooked.

  2. Oh, I like nothing better than an expert’s righteous anger over published twaddle. Even I, a non-expert, can see that the statement “The instrument allowed him to make various observations conclusive with his theories on gravity” makes no sense at all!

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