Dark Energy and its Discontents

Just time for a spot of gratuitous self-promotion. I shall be giving a public lecture tonight, Friday 24th April 2015, entitled Dark Energy and its Discontents, at the very posh-sounding Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.
I am just finishing the slides for the talk, and packing some dark energy in my bag to use as a demonstration.
Here is the poster for tonight’s event, which explains all…


Perhaps I’ll see the odd reader of this blog there?

4 Responses to “Dark Energy and its Discontents”

  1. So which of the blog readers is the odd one?

  2. Gary Mathlin Says:

    I’ll be there, but, as pointed out previously (https://telescoper.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/forthcoming-attraction-dark-energy-and-its-discontents/#comment-141446), there seems to be no way of confirming that I have ever read the blog, let alone my parity.

  3. telescoper Says:

    If this gig goes well I might take this act on tour…

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