Cosmology Talks: Alvaro Pozo on Potential Evidence for Wave Dark Matter

It’s time I shared another one of those interesting cosmology talks on the Youtube channel curated by Shaun Hotchkiss. This channel features technical talks rather than popular expositions so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for those seriously interested in cosmology at a research level they should prove interesting. This is quite a recent one, from about a week ago.

In the talk, Alvaro Pozo tells us about a recent paper where he an collaborators detect the transition between a core (flat density profile) and halo (power law density profile) in dwarf galaxies. The full core + halo profile matches very closely what is expected in simulations of wave dark matter (sometimes called “fuzzy” dark matter), by which is meant dark matter consisting of a particle so light that its de Broglie wavelength is long enough to be astrophysically relevant. That is, there is a very flat core, which then drops off suddenly and then flattens off to a decaying power-law profile. The core matches the soliton expected in wave dark matter and the halo matches an outer NFW profile expected outside the soliton. They also detect evidence for tidal stripping of the matter in the galaxies. The galaxies closer to the centre of the Milky Way have their transition point between core and halo happen at smaller densities (despite the core density itself not being systematically smaller). The transition also appears to happen closer to the centre of the galaxy, which matches simulations. Of course the core+halo pattern they have clearly observed might be due to something else, but the match between wave dark matter simulations and observations is impressive. An important¬† caveat is that the mass for the dark matter that they use is very small and in significant tension with Lyman Alpha constraints for wave-like dark matter. This might indicate that the source of this universal core+halo pattern they’re observing comes from something else, or it might indicate that the wave dark matter is more complicated than represented in the simplest models.

P. S. The papers that accompany this talk can be found here.

P.P.S. If you’re interested in wave dark matter there is a nice recent review article by Lam Hui here.

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  1. Peter and others: your thoughts on this recent paper by A. Burkert which argues that wave dark matter is severly constrained as it does not predict a constant DM halo surface density as found in observations?

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