The Physics World Mystery

Now here’s a funny thing. The April and May 2023 editions of Physics World, shown above, published a month apart in the UK, arrived in the same day earlier this week in the post at my house in Maynooth. Both were correctly addressed. One took just over two weeks to cross the Irish Sea; the other took a whole month longer.

Can anyone provide a physical explanation for this phenomenon?

13 Responses to “The Physics World Mystery”

  1. Cormac ORaifeartaigh Says:

    I also received both of mine on the same day! Cormac

  2. Chris_C Says:

    Royal Mail seems to have not yet recovered from the Christmas chaos. They have also had enormous problems with overseas items – I believe for quite a while they were refusing to accept them. Apart from management failures (resulting in the CEO resignation) I understand they had an IT attack.

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, but the IT attack was ages ago. The contrast is considerable with my Private Eye which regularly gets here on Thursday or Friday, just a day or two after publication on Wednesday the same week.

  3. Chris_C Says:

    .. so the critical piece of information is whether mainland UK deliveries were simultaneous too?

  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    Are copies of Physics World bosons?

  5. Anton Garrett Says:

    I’ve just realised that my May Physics World hasn’t arrived in Shropshire!

  6. Anton Garrett Says:

    Perhaps my May issue will arrive with my June issue?

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