Sneachta i Maigh Nuad

So the exam period is upon us and I’ve spent all day dealing with lots of last-minute issues to do with that. Switching examinations online has led to Departments having to do themselves lots of things that were previously done by the Exams Office. Needless to say this transfer of workload has not been accompanied by a transfer of resources. Grumble, grumble.


Anyway I’ll just mention that, aside from the blizzard of emails and administrative tasks, today saw the first snow in Maynooth for 2022. I took the picture this morning after a light dusting. Then it snowed again, more heavily, only for that to turn to turn to rain that washed all the snow away.

Incidentally, this picture on the same day last year…

After a mild holiday season it’s been much colder recently, with a consequent increase in food consumption by the garden birds. I’ll have to replenish my supplies over the weekend. I do feel a bit sorry for the little critters in this weather, even the neighbourhood rook which is constantly trying to demolish my feeders.

Today the Irish Government has announced that Third Level institutions in Ireland will reopen on Monday without any changes in Covid-19 restrictions. We don’t actually start teaching until January 31st, for which I am grateful. I don’t even students or staff crowding into lecture theatres on Monday. Assuming, that is, that there aren’t huge numbers of absences…

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