9 Responses to “Beard Growing Advice”

  1. […] a personal level, I have produced a detailed guide on Beard Growth for members of my own School, and we shall shortly be running the first ever competition to find […]

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    Having recently become a champion for the interests of women in science, I must ask how all this applies to women?

  3. 4. A Sudsy Wash..to cultivate a magnificent growth? Shurely your secret.

  4. It would still be a 3-point-plan. 🙂

  5. Occasionally I get facial irritation/redness from my beard. Any advice on how to relieve it? Thanks.

  6. Brian Smith Says:

    You’re missing a great chance to give a cosmologist’s view on the extensive Kabbalistic discussion on the length of G*d’s beard in the Zohar, the giant text of mystic Judaism.

    Most of the Zohar deals with the Book of Genesis and gets the date of creation wrong by a factor of three million and the date of the formation of the Earth by a more respectable million times underestimate.

    Given that other Kabbalistic texts give the distance between G*d’s shoulders as about 50 million miles, the beard must also be quite something. Putting those minor objections to one side, there must be a few key hints on beards in there somewhere.

    (Of course, it always amazes me that presumably rational and intelligent people can waste their neurons on such nonsense when there’s the alternative of looking at the cosmos from a modern perspective which gets at least some of the mysteries of creation resolved )

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